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ProjExec® for Healthcare

The Smarter Solution for Streamlining Clinical Trials

Complex processes, inaccessible data, rapidly changing regulations. Contract Resource Organizations (CROs) that administer clinical trials to determine whether a new drug or medical device will be sold in the consumer market face many challenges. The sooner a drug passes its trials, the greater the revenues that can result. Reducing time to market while maintaining strict accuracy and safety standards has a significant impact on the pharmaceutical/biotech sponsor’s top line and the CRO’s profitability.

Measureable business value for the drug and medical device research and development process. ProjExec is a powerful collaborative project management solution that streamlines costly and complex processes, eliminates silos of information to make crucial data accessible and transforms how CROs collaborate and execute clinical trials. By applying project management principles to the clinical trials process, ProjExec helps:

  • Speed time-to-market for new drugs and devices
  • Reduce operating costs with streamlined processes
  • Increase accuracy and produce auditable results in less time for FDA approval
  • Connect researchers, experts and information in the right context across multiple projects and multiple enterprises
  • Increase efficiency, reduce errors, embed best practices and medical knowledge

ProjExec is a total collaborative project management for CROs with visibility and transparency across project portfolios within a total portal infrastructure for secure cross-enterprise project participation. ProjExec allows CROs to streamline project execution of clinical trials with increased accuracy and produce auditable results in less time for FDA approval and increased revenue from faster time to market. The result can mean huge benefits for pharmaceutical companies and CROs alike.

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