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ProjExec® for Government

Smarter Readiness and Response for Emergency and Crisis Management

A wide range of contingencies, multiple levels of government, continual revision and change. Emergencies that threaten lives and the safety of a community create pressing challenges on government to implement timely and effective responses. The range of possible disaster situations demands different processes, resources and advance planning. A significant part of the preparation and response challenge is coordinating multiple layers of government, different jurisdictions and outside agencies. With so many contingencies to cover, agencies frequently find themselves ill-prepared in the moment of crisis.

Mastering the essential elements of emergency crisis management . Government response to emergencies and disasters is a coordinated effort that requires awareness, detailed plans and coordinated execution of plans appropriate to the situation. ProjExec is a comprehensive yet flexible project management and collaboration solution that handles all essential elements of emergency crisis management. By applying project management principles to both the emergency preparedness and emergency response phases of the crisis management process, ProjExec helps:

  • Prepare effectively to minimize disaster impact with established plans, well-engineered processes and well-defined steps accessible to all potential participants
  • Enhance readiness by identifying responsibility for action and required resources well in advance
  • Increase awareness and preparedness with practiced response and refinement of successful approaches and techniques
  • Adapt to a variety of emergency and disaster situations with reusable and easily configurable project templates and flexible ad hoc workflow
  • Execute practiced routines with precision to produce excellence in emergency response
  • Improve crisis leadership and decision making with ready access to knowledge, expertise and information

Organizations that perform well in the moment of crisis have well defined, effectively communicated and practiced skills necessary to address the situation. ProjExec is a dynamic project management solution that encompasses all elements of emergency crisis management planning including communication, collaboration, responsibility, preparedness and provision for response. ProjExec’s unique configurable architecture accommodates the many different types of crisis situations and easily adapts generalized procedures to specific appropriate emergency responses.

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