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ProjExec® for Banking

Smarter Finance through Smarter Planning and Execution

Global financial crises, unprecedented regulatory changes, economic slowdown. The current financial climate has put banks and financial institutions in the hot seat. At the same time these institutions fight to regain customer trust, they are also faced with the imperative to raise capital and increase profits - a difficult challenge in the midst of extraordinary economic turmoil. Banks worldwide are searching for smarter solutions to recover from the recent financial crises and re-emerge as stable and trustworthy institutions with strong balance sheets.

Helping to increase value, profitability and customer loyalty. ProjExec is an integrated enterprise-wide collaborative project management solution that helps banking institutions successfully navigate today’s challenging financial landscape. By applying project management principles to the financial management process, ProjExec helps:

  • Increase customer loyalty with transparency and improved communications
  • Lower operational costs through operational efficiency, anticipating issues and enabling prompt corrective actions
  • Manage risk by complying with continual regulatory changes
  • Enable better decision making based on real-time access to project information and expertise across all sectors
  • Transform strategy into collaborative action for measurable ROI

The spectrum of banking programs from loan modifications and incentives to asset management has one thing in common – each program is a project that must be rolled out, implemented and monitored. ProjExec helps financial institutions efficiently manage critical programs aimed at strengthening balance sheets and restoring customer confidence. Using ProjExec for program management, banking and financial institutions experience:

  • Transparency and visibility for all stakeholders
  • Real time updates through streamlined processes and communications
  • A single portal to collect and leverage on-going feedback

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