FlowBuilder Domino Edition includes a set of extremely powerful features that work elegantly with your existing Domino applications. The visual tools enable you to add workflow to Domino applications in a quick, intuitive manner. There’s good reason that FlowBuilder Domino Edition consistently wins top awards as the best workflow solution native to the Domino platform.  
  FlowBuilder Domino Edition is the first of its kind to offer browser based process modeling. The intuitive Visual Process Designer lets the process owner and business user define workflow processes using a familiar drag and drop paradigm. The tool supports all the sophisticated workflow functionality that you would expect - and more!

The workflow routing logic is maintained separately from your application to minimize and simplify application maintenance. It's simple to modify processes to keep pace with dynamically changing organizations. Modifications are reflected immediately with no downtime.
  The power of FlowBuilder Domino Edition lies in the innovative Organization Planner and its' Matrix Organization Search Engine (MORSE) technology. Unique to FlowBuilder, this visual capability allows organizations to define the structure, hierarchy, roles and relationships in a flexible and easily maintained way.

MORSE uses process definitions and the organization structure to intelligently evaluate a role at runtime by identifying functional best match recipients of the work. The right information gets to the right person every time!