The workflow choice of the largest Notes shops in the world
  The statistics don't lie. With an impressive customer base and a consistent track record of top awards, FlowBuilder Domino Edition remains the number one workflow product for Lotus Domino. Initially ahead of its time, FlowBuilder Domino Edition continues to offer the fastest, easiest, and most scalable workflow solution for the Domino platform.
  • Completely Web-enabled with all functionality accessible via a Web browser
  • Superior architecture with separation of processing engine, organization and application logic
  • Java-based visual clients for simple drag and drop design and maintenance without programming
  • Unique and powerful Organization Planner works in conjunction with dynamic search engine to intelligently evaluate roles at runtime
      Sophisticated workflow functionality in an intuitive visual interface
      FlowBuilder Domino Edition is a proven, robust solution framework for managing and automating complex business processes and organizational structures. The unique FlowBuilder architecture allows you to independently manage the important aspects of all business processes in an intuitive visual environment. When it comes to high-end workflow functionality in Domino applications, FlowBuilder Domino Edition does it all. FlowBuilder delivers what you expect from a robust workflow solution. And most importantly, you can automatically migrate your business process definitions to the standards-based FlowBuilder XML Edition when you are ready to make your move to J2EE.
  • Define the most complex processes, including all tasks and routing conditions without programming
  • Incorporate sub-flows, splits, joins and parallel processing
  • Easily modify processes, rules and conditions in real time
  • Visually define a flexible hierarchy of resources within your organization - and beyond
  • Monitor progress and capture best practices with complete audit trail and workflow statistics
  • Manage conditional step execution, exception handling, delegation, backup, task reassignment, reminders, notifications, and escalation