FlowBuilder XML Edition was created to take advantage of open standards as an intuitive, interoperable, platform independent approach to developing superior Web applications. The Trilog approach yielded a unique and powerful architecture that exploits the strengths of XML as a universal integration layer. The fundamental building block is the easily extensible, mid-tier framework of the XSP (XML Server Pages) architecture.  
  • Workflow Engine polls the XML Object Store for data events

  • All Metadata stored in native XML Object Store in any Relational Database

  • XSP Server serves Application Transactions and can be seen as a sophisticated XML aware JSP engine
  • The XSP J2EE architecture provides:
  • A virtual XML Object Store over any RDBMS
  • Universal LDAP, SMTP, and Notes mail integration
  • Integrated ACL-based and document level security model
  • Extensible integration through Web services and use of J2EE technologies
    such as JDBC, JNDI, EJBs, etc.
  • Connectivity and back-end integration to EAI, ERP, Domino and more
    using generic XML adapters
  • Integrated JavaScript and Java programmability
      The XSP servlet engine runs on any Web application server with a Java servlet 2.2-compliant engine. As a distributed Web services architecture, the XSP Server consists of numerous server components that are exposed natively as Web services in a single application execution environment.  
      In all cases, the unique data management and storage architecture uses XML as the universal data access layer. Defined XML schemas make it possible to map XML to relational database managements systems, LDAP directories, EAI systems, and more to access and transact data throughout the enterprise.