"All FlowBuilder XML Edition applications can execute in J2EE environments, providing organizations moving to J2EE with a straightforward approach for building applications in this environment. The value of this approach is considerably magnified for Lotus shops, who can leverage their existing skills when using Trilog's tools."
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J. Walter Thompson
J. Walter Thompson is the world's oldest advertising agency and its client list consists of many of the largest businesses in the world. Originally, the Detroit office was asked by Ford Motor Co. to restructure the agency/client relationship in a way that would create process efficiencies, improved quality and cost savings to benefit both organizations. JWT's response to Ford was to develop a system to support the initiative, and an exhaustive search led to the selection of FlowBuilder as the workflow and process management component. The success of the Ford initiative sparked many ideas about the system's potential to bring the same benefits and improvements to other agency/client relationships. As the reach and substance of the system potential expanded, JWT reasoned that the next generation of systems should be architected as a J2EE compliant solution and the Domino developers should be able to lead this project without having to go through intensive J2EE retraining. The company decided to standardize on FlowBuilder XML Edition to build a process portal that will scale up to thousands of users worldwide and support many different business processes.
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IBS America, Inc.
IBS is one of the leading industrial suppliers of standard software systems and consulting services in the area of quality and production management. The company develops and markets the QSI System for Quality Management, which is built on the FlowBuilder workflow engine. IBS has chosen FlowBuilder XML Edition and the powerful XSP technology as the framework for building an improved J2EE version of their Domino-based product offering. The decision to develop using FlowBuilder XML Edition was not difficult; IBS developers were mainly Domino developers and already possessed the skills necessary to quickly become productive in the new platform. Further, IBS world-wide customers require timely access, routing and notification regardless of location, and the open-standards XML architecture of FlowBuilder XML Edition ideally meets this requirement.
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