The all-inclusive answer to today’s corporate challenges
  Organizations today are confronted more and more with the challenge of meeting the needs of both business and IT. As the breadth and complexity of the technology landscape continues to expand, most companies are stopping to reconsider previous approaches and strategies. Continuing to increase technology investments without significantly increasing the operational efficiency of business processes or without leveraging existing IT investments is no longer practical in today’s business climate.
  But finding a solution that addresses these challenges has proven to be an even greater test. Until now. The FlowBuilder XML Edition is an exceedingly flexible environment designed to overcome the challenges of application development, process management, and enterprise integration while leveraging existing IT investments and taking full advantage of open standards – in a single, integrated solution.
  Delivering value for all disciplines of the enterprise!
  Transform the way your organization thinks, works and acts with the FlowBuilder XML Edition. Eliminate the endless transfer of knowledge between business disciplines and IT with the first universal development environment that allows business users, web developers, and process managers alike to focus on what they know best. With FlowBuilder XML Edition:
  • Application developers, particularly those with prior Domino experience, develop powerful Java and XML web applications with amazing speed and ease using familiar HTML and JavaScript skills
  • Process designers define workflows and model processes using a visual, web-based interface without programming
  • Business managers establish definitions of the resources available within the organization – and beyond – automatically accessible as a Web service to applications across the enterprise
      Accelerate your open standards strategy
      The J2EE and XML architecture for the next generation of business applications is here today. With the single integrated environment of FlowBuilder XML Edition, fewer tools are required to produce world-class collaborative Web applications in less time!
  • Truly WYSIWYG RAD for J2EE exploiting XML as an integration tier
  • Natively built Web services using true SOAP messaging
  • Rapid implementation of collaborative, workflow-enabled Web applications
  • The world's only integrated organization planning tool
  • Instant integration with existing external systems and data sources
  • Develop once, deploy anywhere!