The FlowBuilder XML Edition Enterprise package provides a robust set of functionality across a diverse range of business needs, delivering value on a number of levels while complementing existing systems and skills that you may already have in place. The Enterprise option is a single package of integrated tools for building and running sophisticated Web applications. The many benefits of this solution include:
Easy to Learn
  • All-in-one integrated solution with fewer tools to learn
  • If you know HTML and JavaScript, you are an XML and Java guru with FlowBuilder XML Edition
  • Automatic generation of pure Java and native XML without knowing either language
  • Familiar paradigm to experienced Notes and Domino developers
  • Much simpler approach than other J2EE development options
  • Visual development environment with drag and drop objects, pre-programmed XSP Bean Gallery, and helpful Script Editors and libraries
    Easy to Deploy
  • Develop once, deploy regardless of IT infrastructure
  • Guaranteed independence of J2EE vendor extensions
  • Applications portable across any environment by simply supplying connections to appropriate services
    Innovative XSP Technology
  • Full separation of logic and presentation
  • No proprietary tags within HTML layouts
  • Reusable components that run on any J2EE-compliant application server
  • Control dynamic presentation of a single HTML page based on query results, workflow activity, or user profile - no multiple HTML pages necessary
  • A sophisticated XML-centric servlet development model
    Scalable, Compatible, Extensible
  • Components built as Web services using true SOAP messaging
  • Visual Integrator for universal XML document adapter - connectivity with external data, bi-directional data manipulation, automatic generation of XML schemas - without building connectors
  • Leverage existing IT investments with easy integration
    Improved Organizational Efficiency
  • Native integration of award-winning workflow technology to manage and automate business processes
  • World's only dynamic visual organization planner to evaluate workflow recipients on the fly based on role assignment and availability
    Robust Security
  • Integrated ACL-based and document level security models
  • ACL Beans can be applied at any level of the application design
  • Access control lists govern user’s permissions to use Web services
  • Sophisticated role and organization based security