FlowBuilder XML Edition is the first standards-based Architected Rapid Application Development platform (ARAD) designed to build the same class of collaborative applications as Lotus Notes using the same development model, but expressed in native J2EE and XML. The secret sauce is the innovative XSP framework which offers the WYSIWYG experience and features of Notes, making it extremely more intuitive to Domino developers than learning core Java and J2EE programming.  
  Build sophisticated people and process intensive J2EE/XML Web applications with amazing speed and ease!

Let the HTML guru worry about the layout of your pages without having to learn JSP or Java. With the Visual XSP Studio, application developers simply apply logic by dropping configurable components called XSP Beans directly to HTML tags. This innovative technique elevates J2EE development to the level of popular Windows UI RAD tools such as Microsoft Visual Basic or Lotus Notes. The Visual XSP Studio then automatically generates and compiles Java Servlet code that dynamically produces highly adaptive HTML forms.
  Dynamically adapt to changes in the enterprise in real time with this intuitive interface for process modeling, design and execution . This web-based tool enables business users to model and define workflow across the enterprise.

Define segments, conditions, routing types, and notification messages for each step of the process with simple drag and drop operations!
  No development platform can consider itself complete without a robust organizational modeling tool. The FlowBuilder Visual Organization Planner has absolutely no equal on the market today.

In addition to standard hierarchical "chain of command" capabilities, the Visual Planner allows you to define functional roles and identify where critical expertise resides within the organization. Stored in XML, this unparalleled organization asset is available as a Web service throughout the network.
  Easily integrate external data sources to fully leverage information stored across the enterprise.

With simple click, drag and drop operations, create XML Adapter definition files to connect to a myriad of data sources, including any RDBMS, leading XML data stores, and even Domino!

Connectivity is bi-directional, create XML data from legacy data or update legacy data from XML data. Enable workflow on any XML document, independent of where the data is stored.