Develop J2EE applications with Domino skills!  
  Doculabs Assessment (1,764K PDF)  
  Introducing the first standards-based Rapid Application Development environment that brings the Domino development model and features to J2EE. FlowBuilder XML opens the door to J2EE for Domino developers and, at the same time, provides Java developers with an easy way to designed to build complex business process applications, once unique to Lotus Notes. J2EE development has never been easier. FlowBuilder XML features true WYSIWYG J2EE application and portlet design capabilities, sophisticated workflow engine and quick implementation of collaborative web applications. Take the path to productivity with the visual, versatile and intuitive FlowBuilder XML — built on innovative XSP component framework!    
  • Rapidly develop and deploy collaborative J2EE solutions.
  • Instantly integrate with any existing infrastructure, deploy and run anywhere.
  • Route any and all content from any source across organizational boundaries.
      Reengineer effortlessly Domino applications in J2EE!      
      FlowBuilder XML Edition features a wealth of tools that leverage existing Domino skills and streamline the reengineering of Notes applications in J2EE, WebSphere Portal and Lotus Workplace platforms. The tools convert all Notes documents to XML which can be stored in DB2, Oracle or SQL Server . And it’s available TODAY! The only thing that separates existing Domino applications from a scalable, extensible, and powerful J2EE implementation is FlowBuilder XML Edition!      
  • Develop powerful Java and XML applications without the complexity of programming in Java or supporting multiple technologies.
  • Work in a single, integrated environment that leverages existing skill sets (Java and HTML) with the ease and familiarity of the Domino platform.